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Loans on a Worldwide level are available against : 

Any Type of Security - Any Type of Government Issued Note or Bond - Any Bank Instrument - Any Currency Bills or Notes - Virtually Any Form of Paper that can be Bought, Sold, or Traded.

Some Examples Are:
US Currency (any denomination)
    Foreign Currency (any denomination)
    US T-Bills
    German Bearer Bonds
    Stocks or Stock Blocks
    Government Promissory Notes
    Bank Promissory Notes
    US Zero Coupons
    Government Medium Term Notes (MTNs)
    Government Bonds, Coupons, or Certificates
     Private Debt - Mortgages, Loans, Liens and Encumbrances

    Corporate Bonds, MTNs, and Promissory Notes
    Certificate of Deposit (CD)
    American Depository Receipts (ADRs)
    Bank Guarantee (BG)
    Letters of Credit (SBLC, ILC, LC, Pay Order)

All instruments pledged must meet the following criteria to qualify as acceptable security.    
  a) Must have been issued from a top 100 bank or institution,
  b) Must be transferable and negotiable,
  c) Must be of non-criminal origin,
  d) Must be bank-to-bank verifiable,
  e) Must be owned free and clear with no encumbrances,
  f) Must be fully legible with no alterations or editions, 
  g) Actual instruments must be produced at closing and given to  the escrow attorney effecting closing.

  • Funding sources consist of Private lenders, trusts, banks, Private placements and Syndicated loans. We arrange all funds regardless of whether a project is involved. Funds borrowed must first be secured by acceptable collateral offered to the lender ( meaning principal amount and interest should be secured through the pledging of A rated Commercial Papers, Bonds, Notes, bank or Insurance guarantee, etc.. )
  • Lenders require that the collateral for the loan exists in the form of negotiable instruments that are rated and traded in the secondary markets and that can be easily liquidated in the United States or other major secondary markets in Europe and Asia.

Submission Procedure

A Letter of Intent to Request Funding:   This is a simple letter from the borrower, signed, dated, with borrower's corporate seal, and notarized, stating the amount of funds to be borrowed, the required interest rate and for the required period - how many years.                               

Funding Procedure 

  • The practice is that the instrument will be screened to determine acceptability. Your Guarantee will be checked  by contacting the bank officers for full verification. Remember the necessity of  bank-to-bank SWIFT / Key-Tested Telex secure verification.

Does your bank request a "proof of funds" from the Lender  before they will issue the guarantee or any kind of letter of intent to guarantee? If so, the deal is over and you need to find a new bank. These institutions are attempting to use other peoples funds to create guarantees, placing all risk on our lenders. You should be careful of any and all "proof of funds" deals.   

Usually after a copy of the instrument was obtained and verified with the bank's officials, a proof of funds will be done on a bank-to-bank basis.  At the right time, the guarantor bank will be provided with the full swift and KTT coordinates and there will be a mutual secure confirmation of the funds and the guarantee. After the signing of the contract to fund by the borrower, this process will be repeated when the funds are transferred to the borrower's account, and the guarantee is transferred to the lending bank's account.  The a contract Offer to Fund will be issued if it's a legitimate instrument verifiable by Swift.  If this is acceptable to the borrower, a bank-to-bank funding will take place, using the same secure method used to confirm the guarantee and the funds earlier. 


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